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Merrion incubation program, a program managed by MerrionIT Limited that provide an environment for startups to develop by providing services such as management training and office space. The term “incubator” or “incubation center” are interchangeably used for a collaborative environment designed to help new startups succeed. It is a very mature process of understanding / evaluating / supporting a business process with clearly defined goals and time frames.

The term takes off from biological “incubators” where young ones are hatched and nurtured. Universities, scientific, research, governmental agencies and even public corporations around the world manage incubation centers to nurture startups.

Our Incubators are established in or around startup-hubs, in geographies where startup ecosystem exists, or in locations where governments or businesses want to promote entrepreneurship.


Merrion Incubation Center recruits innovatively entrepreneurial teams for intensive incubation. This center will provide incubation team appropriate advice from entrepreneurial guidance at the initial stage to regular expert consultations. Merrion Incubation center provides incubation teams with temporary office spaces, meeting rooms and office facilities and assist Incubation team in seeking external resources for their new businesses.


Merrion Incubation Center is earmarked for young and talented entrepreneurs and individuals who are seeking to be professional and to understand the rudiments of starting up a business.

Team Selection and Criteria

The selection of incubation teams will be conducted by the Merrion Incubation Selection Council, which is composed of professional business owners with vast knowledge of business startups. Through the business proposal and interview, council evaluates the submission with focuses on creativity, originality and potential benefits to the society in terms of business and culture.