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What is Anime? Anime drawing is a popular trend among creative young adults now. This sensational art continues to win hearts of children and adults around the world, if you are interested in Japanese comics and animation don’t limit your interest. The anime drawing course is well known dream of most children as it gives them the opportunity to try their hands or try to make cartoons they have always seen and most specially to illustrate their favorite characters in their own way. Should you fall in the category? Sit back this Merrion Anime course would not only inform you of the originality strength and expressiveness of this style of drawing. The Merrion Anime is designed for kids from 9 years old.

Merrion Anime employs a 2D Animation technique which consists of an ideal story-telling mechanism that combines graphic art, characterization, cinematography and other forms of imaginative and individualistic methods.

ANIME STUDIO PRO is the software of choice when it comes to 2D anime design although so many software application is potential tool, our choice is centered on its simplicity and its ability to run on multiple OS platforms, including WINDOWS, MAC and Android.


Anime has grown in popularity across the world due to its unique ability to grow with its creators/viewers of all ages, most especially the viewers, thereby making the demands for Animators growing exponentially.

The importance of Anime spreads across multiple platforms for many reasons, some of which are;

  • Influence: In the world of entertainment, the influence of anime can’t be denied, due to the fact that almost all the favorite live action movies (Aqua man, Justice League, Avatar, Avengers, etc) were inspired by anime.
  • Imagination: Anime show cases the power of imagination (especially within kids), it improves it significantly and channels a part of the mind that was thought to be out of reach.
  • Its Art: Anime is literally a word of art.
  • Storytelling: This is the biggest advantage of Anime. This feature gives kids the ability to create a visual representation of the mind blowing stories they are able to build up in their young minds. There is also no greater depth in the entertainment industry than anime storytelling because anime shows cases the most powerful storytelling.
  • Character Development: Anime present animators, that is, kids with the ability to come up with any character of their choice. Giving the character whatever look that seem pleasing to them.


The study of Animation comes with a great variety of benefits from having fun to a cool source of income. Taking a look at some of these benefits;

  • A thorough knowledge of Anime prepares the groundwork to take on actual assignment with ease.
  • It helps students in building their confidence
  • It allows freedom of expression in ways of visuals, giving kids the opportunity to express ideas in the most fascinated form.
  • It adds to the list of career path a student can possibly embark on.
  • An animator can fit into different fields or industries (Entertainment, ICT, Corporate, Medicals, Engineering, etc.).
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