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What is education technology (Ed Tech)?

Ed-Tech the trend of an innovative era which intends to push the boundaries of erstwhile traditional Education engaging innovations from technological trends as like mobile learning platform, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality. Edtech broadens educator’s horizon and gives vantage towards exploring the science of personalized knowledge transfer. Feedback and assessments also becomes better optimized.

Ed Tech in Practice

Technology has swept across different sectors and disciplines which brings about an evolution which presents educators with easier alternatives and better channels to achieving desired results in little time.  Examples of trending evolutionary areas are

Video conferencing App like it has in the business space has found massive relevance in the edtech has technology has brought parents closer to their toddlers even while at their job post interactions, due diligence and proper monitoring is made possible for toddlers by their handlers software’s like google hangout, Pligus, Meeting,IO ,ZoomUS all fall in this category.

Simple Student Animation Desktop App more often than none, it’s been established that every child has a voice and they need to be heard most especially through means they find fin unanimous and over an interestingly wide audience. These streamlined requirements have more than often promoted the advent of Ed tech in the space as Ed tech through simple animation applications allow you to make either animate of inanimate pictures move such that story is told, and could be published for multiple audience interaction through the same app.  Examples of such apps are ‘I Can Animate app’, Chroma kids, Kodu, Alice, Scratch.


GAME APPS DEVELOPMENT Common knowledge has it that most student have special interest in one game application or the other either television game, phone, or handheld games. A study reveals the inclination to a gaming application could be an entry route into the industry if adequate tools and mentoring activities are put in place. To this end most educational institutions have stepped up their club activities by bring in variety of clubs so students can explore, experience decide that which aligns with their adventurous intents   such clubs like the Robo Merrion, STEAM CLUBS, KIDS CAN CODE, FORENSICS, ANIME, are all clubs that can help students to achieve and discover alternatives to professional income. This clubs or special society research interactive e- books and videos with captions introducing the basics of whatever subject matter and promote early literacy. Examples of programming application for such clubs are the unity software, the Alice to mention but a few.


Why Use More Educational Technology?

Besides the need to provide students with learning that mirrors their digital lives, there are some real benefits to using digital classroom tools, such as:

  • The ability to personalize learning.

Technology has the power to provide remediation for students who are struggling with a key concept and enrichment to those who need further challenges without derailing instruction for the other students in the classroom.

Access to enhanced curriculum tools. Rather than just reading a description of a scientific event, students can pair text with interactive video for a more complete experience.

  • Preparing students for their future.

Technology-enhanced instruction provides opportunities to collaborate, create and work in cross-curricular teams, which models the type of work students will do when they graduate and get jobs. These types of skills may even be more important than factual knowledge in a rapidly changing world in which we can simply look up information we don’t remember.

  • Compliance with local, state and federal mandates.

A rich technology environment helps schools fulfill the requirements of Common Core or other standards. It’s also required to use the online assessments of student progress.

  • Opportunities for professional development.

The benefits of technology are not just for students. Educators can receive fully immersive professional development experiences without leaving the school building, reducing cost and hassle. They can then connect with colleagues across the country to discuss and implement what they’ve learned.


New emerging educational technologies are changing the way we learn. Education has become too flexible and fan. Technology for education is promoting individual learning and mobile learning, both teachers and students are benefiting from this new technology for education.

Some of the barriers in education have been broken down by this new technology for education; students can learn from anywhere; teachers can easily reach their students from anywhere. Technology is helping to change education in a positive way; it is part of the modern world. Technology for education is improving grades for students and it prepares them for the future. Future Jobs will require every applicant to have some technological skills, so those who don’t know how to use various technological tools like computers and internet will be left out.

Highpoints of Ed tech

  • Been discovered to have promoted learning and research.
  • Cheap and more effective learning methods
  • Improves Writing and Reading Skills
  • Makes Educational Material Accessible
  • Improves Students Attitude Towards Learning
  • Helps Students with Special Needs